May 1 - May 2, 2015

University of Maryland
Smith School of Business
College Park, MD

Organizers: Nicolae Gârleanu (UC Berkeley) and Rich Mathews (University of Maryland)

12th Members Meeting of the Finance Theory Group


Friday, May 1, 2015
7:00pm Dinner at various locations in Washington, DC
Saturday, May 2, 2015 − Van Munching Hall Room 1330
8:15am − 9:00am Continental breakfast
(Lobby outside room 1330)
9:00am − 10:00am Timing Decisions in Organizations: Communication and Authority in a Dynamic Environment
by Steven Grenadier, Andrey Malenko, and Nadya Malenko
10:00am − 10:15am Coffee break
(Lobby outside room 1330)
10:15am − 11:15am Benchmarks in Search Markets
by Darrell Duffie, Piotr Dworczak, and Haoxiang Zhu
11:15am − 11:30am Coffee break
(Lobby outside room 1330)
11:30am − 12:30pm Endogenous Market Making and Network Formation
by Briana Chang and Shengxing Zhang
12:30pm − 2:00pm Lunch and members meeting
(Van Munching Hall 2333)
2:00pm − 3:00pm Information Black Holes in Auctions
by Ulf Axelson and Igor Makarov
3:00pm − 3:15pm Coffee break
(Lobby outside room 1330)
3:15pm − 4:15pm Contracting on Credit Ratings: Adding Value to Public Information
by Christine Parlour and Uday Rajan
4:15pm Adjourn