The Evolution of the Market for Corporate Control

Samuel Lee, Mike Burkart , Paul Voss   Feb 02,2024

Working Paper No.00137-00

In a canonical takeover model we let an informed large shareholder choose between making a bid or initiating a sale... Read More

Liquidity in the Cross Section of OTC Assets

Guner Velioglu, Semih Uslu   Feb 06,2024

Working Paper No.00138-00

We develop a dynamic model of a multi-asset over-the-counter (OTC) market that operates via search and bargaining and empirically test... Read More

Payments and privacy in the digital economy

Peter Hoffmann,Cyril Monnet, Toni Ahnert   Mar 02,2024

Working Paper No.00139-00

We propose a model of financial intermediation, payments choice, and privacy in the digital economy. While digital payments enable merchants to sell... Read More

Financial Restructuring and Resolution of Banks

Denis Gromb (in memoriam) Jean-Edouard Colliard   Mar 22,2024

Working Paper No.00065-01

How do resolution frameworks affect the private restructuring of distressed banks? We model a bank’s shareholders and creditors negotiating a... Read More

Siphoned Apart: A Portfolio Perspective on Order Flow Segmentation

Bart Yueshen Zhou, Markus Baldauf Joshua Mollner   May 16,2024

Working Paper No.00094-01

We study liquidity supply in fragmented markets. Market makers intermediate heterogeneous order flows, trading off spread revenue against inventory costs.... Read More

Published: Journal of Financial Economics, 2024, 154(), 103807-

Competition and Information Leakage

Markus Baldauf Joshua Mollner   May 17,2024

Working Paper No.00096-01

When seeking to trade in over-the-counter markets, institutional investors typically restrict both the number of potential counterparties they contact and... Read More

Published: Journal of Political Economy, 2024, 132(5), 1603-1641

Block Trade Contracting

christoph frei, Markus Baldauf Joshua Mollner   Jun 12,2024

Working Paper No.00095-02

We study the optimal execution problem in a principal-agent setting. A client contracts to purchase from a dealer. The dealer... Read More

Published: Journal of Financial Economics, 2024, 160(), 103901-

Hysteresis in price efficiency and the economics of slow moving capital

James Dow , Jungsuk Han Francesco Sangiorgi   Jun 24,2024

Working Paper No.00140-00

Will arbitrage capital flow into markets experiencing shocks, mitigating adverse effects on price efficiency? Not necessarily. In a dynamic model... Read More

A Theory of Socially Responsible Investment

Marcus Opp , Martin Oehmke   Mar 27,2023

Working Paper No.00093-00

We characterize the conditions under which a socially responsible (SR) fund induces firms to reduce externalities, even when profit-seeking capital... Read More

Screening with Securities

Nicolas Figueroa, Nicolas Inostroza   Apr 26,2023

Working Paper No.00097-00

A liquidity-constrained asset owner designs an asset-backed security to raise funds from an informed liquidity supplier. Information insensitive securities reduce... Read More