The Evolution of the Market for Corporate Control

Samuel Lee, Mike Burkart , Paul Voss   Feb 02,2024

Working Paper No.00137-00

In a canonical takeover model we let an informed large shareholder choose between making a bid or initiating a sale... Read More

Liquidity in the Cross Section of OTC Assets

Guner Velioglu, Semih Uslu   Feb 06,2024

Working Paper No.00138-00

We develop a dynamic model of a multi-asset over-the-counter (OTC) market that operates via search and bargaining and empirically test... Read More

A Theory of Socially Responsible Investment

Marcus Opp , Martin Oehmke   Mar 27,2023

Working Paper No.00093-00

We characterize the conditions under which a socially responsible (SR) fund induces firms to reduce externalities, even when profit-seeking capital... Read More

Siphoned Apart: A Portfolio Perspective on Order Flow Segmentation

Bart Yueshen Zhou, Joshua Mollner , Markus Baldauf   Apr 26,2023

Working Paper No.00094-00

We study liquidity provision in fragmented markets. Market makers intermediate heterogeneous order flows, trading off expected spread revenue against inventory... Read More

Principal Trading Arrangements: Optimality under Temporary and Permanent Price Impact

christoph frei, Joshua Mollner , Markus Baldauf   Apr 26,2023

Working Paper No.00095-00

We study the optimal execution problem in a principal-agent setting. A client (e.g., a pension fund, endowment, or other institution)... Read More

Competition and Information Leakage

Joshua Mollner , Markus Baldauf   Apr 26,2023

Working Paper No.00096-00

When seeking to trade in over-the-counter markets, institutional investors typically contact only a small number of potential counterparties and limit... Read More

Screening with Securities

Nicolas Figueroa, Nicolas Inostroza   Apr 26,2023

Working Paper No.00097-00

A liquidity-constrained asset owner designs an asset-backed security to raise funds from an informed liquidity supplier. Information insensitive securities reduce... Read More

Persuading Multiple Audiences: Strategic Complementarities and (Robust) Regulatory Disclosures

Nicolas Inostroza   Apr 26,2023

Working Paper No.00098-00

How much information about financial institutions' balance sheets should regulators pass on to the market? To minimize the probability of... Read More

Flow-Based Arbitrage Pricing Theory

Yu An   Apr 30,2023

Working Paper No.00099-00

I introduce a new approach, model, and definition for analyzing demand effects in asset pricing. My approach generalizes arbitrage pricing,... Read More

A Model of Influencer Economy

Siguang Li, Lin William Cong (叢林)   May 22,2023

Working Paper No.00101-00

With the rise of social media and streaming platforms, firms and brand-owners increasingly depend on influencers to attract consumers, who... Read More