24th Meeting at the University of Washington (Spring 2021)

Apr 30 - Apr 30, 2021

University of Washington (virtually), Zoom

The University of Washington FTG meeting will be held virtually on Friday, April 30th, 2021. The meeting will be organized by Philip Bond, Felix Feng, Doron Levit, and Yao Zeng. The meeting may be accessed through this Zoom link.


Schedule (all times in PST).

8:20–9:20 a.m.: David L. Dicks, Paolo FulghieriUncertainty, Contracting, and Beliefs in Organizations

9:40–10:40 a.m.: Yunzhi Hu, Felipe Varas, Intermediary Financing without Commitment

11:30 a.m.–noon: Member meeting

12:10–1:10 p.m.: Nicolas InostrozaPersuading Multiple Audiences: An Information Design Approach to Banking Regulation

1:30–2:30 p.m.: Brian Waters, Edward Dickersin Van WesepAll-in Investors and Unstable Asset Prices


Norms and rules for the meeting:

  1. Microphone off
  2. Video on
  3. Please do not chat
  4. Sessions will not be recorded unless requested by the speaker
  5. Small group breakout rooms will be assigned (like the usual small group dinners). Please participate and take the time to connect with your colleagues.

To receive attendance credit you must participate in the meeting in full.