Bridging Theory and Empirical Research in Finance

Dec 09 - Dec 10, 2022

Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

The goal of this special FTG conference, hosted by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, is to bridge theory and empirical research in finance by bringing together theorists and empirical researchers working on corporate finance, financial intermediation, and financial markets. It is part of a broader initiative undertaken by the FTG to foster closer ties and interactions between theoretical and empirical finance research. The conference welcomes submissions of theoretical papers that provide empirically testable hypotheses, empirical papers that are guided by theory, as well as papers that integrate theory models and empirical tests.  The conference welcomes papers broadly related to corporate finance, corporate governance and control, financial intermediation, agency and delegation, information and securities, and financial markets.

Papers that are primarily theoretical (empirical) will be discussed by empirically (theoretically) oriented researchers.  The conference will also feature a panel discussion on integrating theory and empirical research in finance with the following panelists:  Philip Bond (University of Washington), Peter DeMarzo (Stanford University), John Graham (Duke University), and Michael Roberts (University of Pennsylvania). The conference will start at about 3pm on December 9 and conclude at about 4pm on December 10. The paper presenters are expected to attend all sessions of the conference.

Deadline to submit papers: October, 2nd.

Registration:  In addition, the webpage allows registering for the conference without submitting a paper. Capacity is limited, so once it is reached, registrants will be put on a waitlist, based on first come first serve. 

Note to FTG members: attendance will be counted as for the Summer events.



Zhiguo He, University of Chicago  

Wei Jiang, Emory University  

Ron Kaniel, University of Rochester  

Nadya Malenko, University of Michigan  


Program committee co-chairs:

Zhiguo He, University of Chicago  

Konstantin Milbradt, Northwestern University