Lin William Cong (叢林)



Lin William Cong (叢林)

University of Chicago


Featured Work


Blockchain Disruption and Smart Contracts

   Feb 14,2018

Blockchain technology features decentralized consensus as well as tamper-proof and algorithmic executions, and consequently enlarges the contracting space through smart...

Up-Cascaded Wisdom of the Crowd

   Feb 14,2018

Economic activities such as crowdfunding often involve sequential interactions, observational learning, and successes contingent on achieving certain thresholds of support....


Persistent Blessings of Luck

   Apr 05,2017

Persistent fund performance in venture capital is often interpreted as evidence of differential abilities among managers. We present a dynamic...

Insider Investor and Information

   Aug 18,2017

Relationship financing of innovative projects, as is common in bank lending and venture capital, features incumbent financiers' observing interim information...


Rise of Factor Investing: Asset Prices, Informational Efficiency, and Security Design

   Dec 30,2016

We model financial innovations such as Exchange-Traded Funds, smart beta products, and many index-based vehicles as composite securities that facilitate...

Dynamic Interventions and Informational Linkages

   Dec 30,2016

We model a dynamic economy with strategic complementarity among investors and endogenous government interventions that mitigate coordination failures. We establish...