We are delighted to announce that FTG Fellow Stewart C. Myers, as the recipient of the 2016 Morgan Stanley – American Finance Association Award for Excellence in Finance, has chosen to support the Finance Theory Group (FTG) with $25,000.  Given the FTG’s objective of promoting theoretical work in corporate finance, we are especially grateful to receive such a gift from one of the leading finance theorists of our time.  Not only will Stew’s support have a significant impact on the FTG by directly funding its activities, but his contribution at this early stage also gives the FTG additional momentum as we continue to grow as an organization.  On behalf of the entire FTG community, we thank Stew for his generosity and for placing his trust in the FTG.

Sincerely, Adriano, Gustavo, Itay, Simon, and Uday (first five presidents of the FTG)