Dear FTG Members and Fellows, On behalf of the FTG board, I am happy to announce that the Fall meeting of the FTG will be at the University of Minnesota, and will take place October 6-7. The organizers are:

  • Hengjie Ai
  • Martin Szydlowski
  • Raj Singh
  • Andrew Winton
The organizers are planning a mini-course for October 6, to be given by Manual Amador, and tentatively titled "Sovereign Debt, Maturity Choice, and Default."  There is a lot of overlap between the finance literature on corporate debt and the macro literature on sovereign debt, so we hope this topic will be of interest to many of you. The organizers will follow up in a few months with a call-for-papers and registration details. On behalf of the FTG, I thank the organizers for hosting this meeting. Philip