Dear FTG Members and Fellows, We'd like to give you more details about the special FTG event on contract theory in honor of Bengt’s and Oliver’s Nobel prize scheduled for Friday, May 4 2018, at MIT's Samberg Center in Cambridge, MA. The regular FTG Spring Meeting (organized by Andrey and Haoxiang) will take place on Saturday, May 5 2018, at MIT Sloan. During our Nobel celebration, four FTG fellows will discuss the recent research on contract theory that has built on Bengt’s and Oliver’s seminal work. Thanks Patrick, Jeff, Peter, and Jean-Charles! Bengt and Oliver will participate in a panel discussion and answer your questions. The day will finish up with a reception and a joint dinner. This will take the place of our usual small group dinners, but we will keep to the tradition and make sure that there is ample scope for interaction. For logistical reasons, we will have to charge an event fee (less than $200) to cover the costs for this special event. We will provide more information about registration early next year. Basic outline of the event:

  • Friday, May 4 2018: FTG Special Event on Contract Theory at MIT’s Samberg Center starting at 1:30pm
  • Saturday, May 5 2018: Regular FTG Meeting at MIT Sloan ending no later than 5:00pm
Detailed schedule for Friday, May 4 2018:
FTG Special Event on Contract Theory in Honor of Nobel Prize Winners Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström
1:30?2:50pm Finance and Control Presenter: Patrick Bolton.  Commentator: Jeffrey Zwiebel.  Chair: Philip Bond.
3:10?4:30pm Dynamic Financial Contracting Presenter: Peter DeMarzo.  Commentator: Jean-Charles Rochet.  Chair: Marcus Opp.
4:50?6:10pm Panel discussion by Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström “Contract Theory – Past, Present, and Future/Progress and Challenges” Moderator: Adriano Rampini.  Introduction: Christine Parlour.
6:15?7:00pm Reception
7:00?9:30pm Dinner
Happy Holidays! Best, Adriano and Marcus (on behalf of the organizing committee)