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Events - Members Meeting

16th Meeting (Spring 2017)

Mar 17 - Mar 18, 2017   University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business Boulder, CO Organizers: Shaun Davies (UC Boulder), Diego García (UC Boulder), and Ed Van Wesep (UC Boulder)

15th Meeting (Fall 2016)

Oct 21 - Oct 22, 2016   Princeton University, Princeton University, Bendheim Center for Finance, Princeton, NJ. Organizers: Maryam Farboodi (Princeton) and Valentin Haddad (UCLA)

14th Meeting (Spring 2016)

May 04 - May 07, 2016   Boston College, Boston College, Carroll School of Management, Chestnut Hill, MA. Organizers: Andrey Malenko (MIT) and Nadya Malenko (Boston College)

13th Meeting (Fall 2015)

Oct 30 - Oct 31, 2015   University of Texas at Austin, University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center Organizers: Andres Almazan (UT Austin), Jonathan Cohn (UT Austin), and Richard Lowery (UT Austin)

12th Meeting (Spring 2015)

May 01 - May 02, 2015   University of Maryland, University of Maryland Smith School of Business College Park, MD Organizers: Nicolae Gârleanu (UC Berkeley) and Rich Mathews (University of Maryland)

11th Meeting (Fall 2014)

Oct 24 - Oct 25, 2014   UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles Anderson School of Management Los Angeles, CA Organizers: Daniel Andrei (UCLA), Bruce Carlin (UCLA), and Barney Hartman-Glaser (UCLA)

10th Meeting (Spring 2014)

May 02 - May 03, 2014   University of Chicago, University of Chicago Booth School of Business Chicago, IL Organizers: Zhiguo He (Chicago) and Konstantin Milbradt (Northwestern)

9th Meeting (Fall 2013)

Oct 04 - Oct 05, 2013   Columbia University, Columbia University Columbia Business School New York, NY Organizers: Martin Oehmke (Columbia) and Tomasz Piskorski (Columbia)

8th Meeting (Spring 2013)

May 03 - May 04, 2013   University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business Berkeley, CA Organizers: Willie Fuchs (UC Berkeley) and Brett Green (UC Berkeley)

7th Meeting (Fall 2012)

Sep 14 - Sep 15, 2012   Duke University, Duke University Fuqua School of Business Durham, NC Organizers: Simon Gervais (Duke University) and Dirk Hackbarth (University of Illinois)