Externalities of Responsible Investments

Michele Bisceglia,Jan Schneemeier, Alessio Piccolo   Aug 01,2023

Working Paper No.00113-01

We develop a model to study the efficiency of socially responsible investments (SRI) as a market-based mechanism to control firms'... Read More

Strategic Fragmented Markets

Ana Babus , Cecilia Parlatore   Apr 30,2021

Working Paper No.00071-00

We study the determinants of asset market fragmentation in a model with strategic investors that disagree about the value of... Read More

Published: Journal of Financial Economics, 2022, 145(), 876-908

Open Banking: Credit Market Competition When Borrowers Own the Data

Jing Huang,Jidong Zhou, Zhiguo He   Nov 24,2020

Working Paper No.00068-00

Open banking facilitates data sharing consented by customers who generate the data, with a regulatory goal of promoting competition between... Read More