The Need for Fees at a DEX: How Increases in Fees Can Increase DEX Trading Volume

Joel Hasbrouck,Thomas Rivera, Fahad Saleh   Jul 10,2023

Working Paper No.00080-01

We demonstrate that increasing trading fees at a decentralized exchange (DEX) can increase DEX trading volume. This result arises due... Read More

Debt Maturity Choice and Aggregate Growth

Orit Milo, Jacob Sagi   Jul 10,2023

Working Paper No.00103-00

We find that a measure of aggregate corporate debt maturity choices strongly predicts real GDP growth. The new measure compares... Read More

Information Cascades and Social Learning

Sushil Bikhchandani,omer tamuz,ivo welch, David Hirshleifer   Jul 11,2023

Working Paper No.00104-00

We review the theory of information cascades and social learning. Our goal is to describe in a relatively integrated and... Read More

Optimal Information and Security Design

Anton Tsoy , Nicolas Inostroza   Jul 11,2023

Working Paper No.00105-00

An asset owner designs an asset-backed security and a signal about its value. After privately observing the signal, he sells... Read More

Short-term debt overhang

Kostas Koufopoulos (York), Pavel Zryumov , Giulio Trigilia   Jul 11,2023

Working Paper No.00106-00

We show that short-term debt in a firm’s optimal capital structure reduces investment under asymmetric information. Investors’ interpretation of underinvestment... Read More

Falling Interest Rates and Credit Reallocation: Lessons from General Equilibrium

Alberto Martin,Alejandro Van der Gothe,Luc Laeven, Vladimir Asriyan , Victoria Vanasco   Jul 13,2023

Working Paper No.00107-00

We show that in a canonical model with heterogeneous entrepreneurs, financial fric-tions, and an imperfectly elastic supply of capital, a... Read More

Banks vs. Firms: Who Benefits from Credit Guarantees?

Alberto Martin,Sergio Mayordomo, Victoria Vanasco   Jul 13,2023

Working Paper No.00108-00

Many countries implemented large-scale programs to guarantee private credit in re-sponse to the outbreak of COVID-19. Yet the role of... Read More

Centralizing Over-The-Counter Markets?

Jason Allen, Milena Wittwer   Jul 18,2023

Working Paper No.00109-00

In traditional over-the-counter markets, investors trade bilaterally through intermediaries. We assess whether and how to shift trades on a centralized... Read More

Intermediary Capital Constraints and Market Power

Jason Allen, Milena Wittwer   Jul 18,2023

Working Paper No.00110-00

We examine how intermediary capitalization affects  asset prices in a framework that allows for intermediary market power.  We introduce a... Read More

Estimating Demand Systems for Treasuries

Jason Allen,Jakub Kastl, Milena Wittwer   Jul 18,2023

Working Paper No.00111-00

Leveraging an institutional feature that Treasury auctions of different maturities are often held simultaneously, we propose  a method for estimating... Read More